Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make money from Internet

Hello newbie moneymakers online! Here is my first of many tutorials on how to make money online. Today I will teach you how to make money with neobux. Before that, let’s check first if you are qualified in this job.


*You need an alertpay and paypal account - if you don’t have one, you need to register by clicking the links. This is where neobux will pay you. Don’t worry it’s free to register an account.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

*You need to be a member at Neobux- and other sites here I given the links, obviously you should be a member to get paid. It’s also free to be a member. If you are not a member yet click here to register at -

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#You need to dedicate at least 5 minutes daily on this job - if not, you are either not interested in this job or just plain lazy.

# You want to earn extra $300-$1000 or more per month!!!

Here’s the details of Pay to click sites

Number of daily ads: 5+
Earning per own click: $0.01
Earning per referral click: $0.01
Minimum payout: $2.00
Payment method: alertpay, paypal
Payment request: instant

So you think you’re qualified? Then let’s begin with the tutorial.

Step1. Login to your neobux or onbux and other accounts I mentioned above . Once logged in, you should be directed to the “view advertisement” page automatically. If not, just click the link that says “view advertisement” with a red number beside it (the red number indicates how many ads you can click for the day). See image

Step 2. In that page, you can now start clicking. Click the first ad link with the yellow star beside it. Once you click it, a red button will appear. Click the red button to view the advertisement as shown in the image below...

Step 3. Once you click the red button, a new page will popup. You will notice a yellow bar in the upper left, that is your timer. Wait for it to complete. Usually it takes 30 seconds. See the image below...

Step 4. Once the timer is complete, you will see that the yellow bar will show a check mark and a note that the advertisement has been validated. That means youearned by viewing that advertisement.

Step 5. When you’re done with the first ad. Exit that browser and go back to the view advertisement page. You would notice that the yellow star became a gray star, that means you already viewed the ad. Click the next advertisement and repeat the same process. Once you are done, you should see all yellow stars becoming gray. That means you are done for the day. It’s that easy! Just like in the image below...

Step 6. You can click again after 24 hours. Sometimes when you go back, you will see gray clocks instead. That means you still can’t click them.

You can only click and earn on the advertisement if its a yellow star.

That easy! By just doing the simple steps everyday, you start earning slowly but surely! If you want to earn faster, you need to get some referrals.

Learn how to get referrals by reading my Next Post here at .

Thanks Happy Money making


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